Chloé Weil-Brenner-Clermont

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Who’s that woman? 

Chloé Weil-Brenner Clermont is a dynamic young real estate broker who is extremely devoted to her clients, as well as to all those who gravitate towards her.

Chloé Weil-Brenner-Clermont

Go-getter and passionate, she knew how to build an important network in the community. Her expertise and quick-wittedness have enabled him to achieve record sales totaling approximately $50 million in less than two years of operations only!

Concretely, her work contributes to the happiness of a hundred families and thus allows them to flourish in complete peace of mind.

Resident of Lanaudière, she knows the market and the sector better than anyone, that's why she will be able - very humbly, but always ardently to promote your interests because...

Chloé is your neighborhood's favorite broker!

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Stéphane Tremblay

Stéphane Tremblay

Over the years, especially in the early days of the global pandemic, Stéphane has brilliantly risen to the challenges of adaptation and proactivity that this period of great change demanded. Dynamic, a positive leader and an ardent representative, what sets him apart from most brokers is his ability to take an interest in and truly understand your needs and concerns. Your objectives are his fuel, and his real estate knowledge machine is activated with the sole aim of meeting your expectations and satisfying your interests. With an extensive network and a keen sense of customer service, our co-CEO exemplifies authenticity and passion - which continue to enhance his already well-established expertise.

Roxanne Berger

Roxanne Berger

With a bachelor's degree in agronomy and specialized training in commercial real estate brokerage, Roxanne is by far the best qualified to guide you through your various real estate projects. Highly available and relentless in her mandates, she has always had a keen interest in the industry. Her impressive listening skills, coupled with her uncommon empathy, make her a broker who will gently guide you through the process, while fiercely defending your rights. Her dedication will pay off, and every transaction you share with her will remind you that the basis of success is first and foremost human.

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