Chloé Weil-Brenner-Clermont

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Who’s that girl? 

Chloé Weil-Brenner Clermont is a dynamic young real estate broker who is extremely devoted to her clients, as well as to all those who gravitate towards her.

Chloé Weil-Brenner-Clermont

Go-getter and passionate, she knew how to build an important network in the community. Her expertise and quick-wittedness have enabled him to achieve record sales totaling approximately $20 million in less than two years of operations only!

Concretely, her work contributes to the happiness of a hundred families and thus allows them to flourish in complete peace of mind.

Resident of Lanaudière, she knows the market and the sector better than anyone, that's why she will be able - very humbly, but always ardently to promote your interests because...

Chloé is your neighborhood's favorite broker!

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